Only In Finland: The unique contests

There are many things that you can find unique in one country. What is normal in one place could be considered as not in the other part. that is why it is not all that we can say that it is unique or it is common. But there are those who many agree that it is unique and even others will label it as crazy. Just like the title, you can see that this article would talk about the contests in Finland that is labeled as crazy.

Here is the infographic that shows and explains what are the nine games or competitions that is done in the country of Finland but in other places they considered it as crazy or weird. But they are fun to do and many people participate in it. The success of the events that took place until now is that it is due to the audience ad participants enjoyment and appreciation of the competition. If you want to also see how it is done then you can search the schedules to coincide with your visiting time.

The chili eating contest may be common in some countries also but they do have their own varieties of chilis that is why they have a free tasting of the chilis before the competition so that you can have an idea and assess your capacity. It is better to have an idea than just proceeding with it. But one of the contests which are sitting in the nest of an ant may be painful.