Places To Stay

If you will visit one place you would worry about where you will stay. If you will go to one place ad you do not know someone there then you may have to go back again to your place if you do not have a place to stay and if you do not want to stay in hotels or inns. It is okay if you will just go to a local and nearby place. But if you will travel a long way then you have to find a place to stay especially if you will stay there for some days.

When you reach Konnevesi here in Finland you have places to stay to choose from so you do not need to worry. They are places who had been already there on business and travelers have already been there. There is the Hotel Hirvi where you can have a free wifi but it is 25 kilometers from Konnevesi. It is not a long hour drive though so you could get there in time. Peurunka is also another place you can stay. they offer free parking and also a free wifi.

Scandic Jyvaskyla offers also free wifi and parking in their area. There is also the Cumulus Jyvaskyla Hotel which offers free breakfast. Rantasipi Laajavuori is a great place as you can see the fresh water in the background. There is free wifi and parking and distance are also same with others. Hotelli Verso, Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra, Hotelli Milton, and Finlandia Hotel Alba are other places to stay. There are more so you can find one you will like.