Some of the surprising Finnish facts and figures

Sometimes when we learn facts we are surprised as we have some fixed ideas in our head. But when we learn the facts, it is very different and so we are surprised. It is also the same in the country of Finland. For people who do not have a detailed and correct knowledge about it could have their own fixed ideas. Now, we will see some of the facts about Finland through the infographic that provides a summary of some of the facts with figures.

You can read enough interesting facts. One of them is that they like to drink coffee very much that they drink four times more than what the British are drinking. In this country also is where the popular game of angry birds was developed. It arises with the thinking of Finnish not focusing on one thing. Another fact is that the country is the first one who has made the right to broadband a legal one. They also have some unique competitions that are very interesting to know.

Another fact that is very good about the people of the country is that they are honest. You can read above the conducted experiment that is done by a magazine. A wallet is accidentally lost and as the result of the survey, the Finns are the ones who returned the wallets the most compared to other cities. This could be the result of different aspect but one that should remain even if time passes as it is a good characteristic.