Things Tourist Dislike in Finland

The video below explains why tourists do not like Finland. You know what, if you are a Finnish, you would find it annoying if someone says he or she dislikes your country. This is the case anywhere. Anyway let’s get to the point.

Finland has difficult transportation.

Finland is not as developed as other countries. Actually, the distance between towns or villages are far. It is a large country in Europe but it really has many spaces so it is hard to get to the other town.

No problem if you have your own transport.

Finland is cold and cloudy for six months. It is near the North Pole so this is natural. People whose country is hot would really hate it when they go there. You know, it is like every day is 6 pm for six months.

People are unsocial and unhelpful.

We should also understand why Finnish are unsocial and have gloomy faces. No one will deny this fact.  This is the effect of being a member of them. Travel with this agency important assistance. Check their website from here 台胞證照片 瀏海. This is so great to choose.

Most People Smoke in Public.

Smoking is dangerous to second smokers. No one blcoks them if they like to smoke but what is annoying is their inconsideration to other people who should not be exposed to smoking.

High Racism in Finland

Who would like racism? You know if you are a person who has been rejected or dumped in another country just because of this bad attitude, you get to think of your own country. Does my country know that racism is as bad as killing?